Services transition to IGL TeleConnect


For the past 11 years Webb Wireless has had the pleasure of providing reliable and affordable internet service to rural and small-town homes and businesses. As of January 1st those services were transitioned to IGL TeleConnect and Webb Wireless customers became a part of the IGL subscriber family.

Located at 1713 McNaughton Way in Spencer, IGL TeleConnect is a local communications provider to the Iowa Great Lakes and surrounding communities, and a recent recipient of the 2014 Small Business Excellence Award as voted by the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation. IGL TeleConnect’s coverage zone now extends through the Iowa counties of Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, Osceola, Buena Vista as well as some southern Minnesota areas of Jackson and Nobles counties.

With the transition to IGL, Webb Wireless customers can expect the same level of service and will receive local customer service from IGL’s team. Customers can also continue to use their email address and can access their email from the link on

For more information about IGL TeleConnect and their services, visit, call 800.281.1072, or email

New NetGenie Routers

Webb Wireless is now an authorized dealer for NetGenie by Cyberoam. The NetGenie is a home wireless router with family protection. Here are some of the key NetGenie features:

Secure Wi-Fi for multiple devices; Get protection for your laptops, iphone, ipad, gaming consoles, and more when surfing online over your wi-fi.

Age wise, easy parental controls; Provide age appropriate internet access to kids and monitor their online activities. Block harmful internet content and manage their time over facebook, email, chat, games and more, with NetGenie’s built in 70+ categories.

Firewall and Built in antivirus; Protect your desktops, laptops, handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles from viruses, botnet, intruders and hackers while surfing online.

We are currently selling the NetGenie for $130.00 with standard programming. There will be additional charges for specialty programming. Give us a call today to find out more about the NetGenie 712-838-4895.

Browser issues?

If you are unable to load a browser page or your connection seems slow, there are a couple of things to try first. First try to unplug the power supply for the internet from your electrical outlet. You will have one of 3 different power supplies pictured below, leave it unplugged for about 10 seconds then give your computer a few minutes to find its settings before trying to get online again. What this does is reboots the antenna on the outside of the house getting rid of any errors that may have occurred. If this does not solve the problem the second thing to try would be to unplug your wireless router if you have one from your electrical outlet. Please do NOT push reset button on router as this causes router to lose its settings and will require a service call on your end for us to come out and reprogram router. Once again leave unplugged for about 10 seconds then give your computer a few minutes to find its settings before trying to get online again. If this does not take care of your problem please give us a call at the office and we would be happy to assist you.

Setting up Email

When setting up your email in a new device whether it be a pc, ipod, ipad, or cell phone there are a couple of pieces of information that you will need. First off it is a pop3 account and secondly both the incoming and outgoing mail server are the same and it is everything else should be the default settings. As always if you have any questions about this do not hesitate to call the office, we would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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